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Carpet Facts: Five Things All Surface Flooring Wants You to Know

Carpet padding, cost, cleaning and maintenance, color, and health or environment are issues to consider when purchasing carpet. The benefits of selecting quality carpet include:

  • Sound insulation
  • Comfort underfoot
  • Energy savings
  • Safe, non-slip floors

Carpet padding

Padding protects carpet from wear and tear and provides support. Padding aids in the sound absorption and insulation that the carpet provides. Carpet padding recommendations vary with the type of carpet and the amount of traffic in a room.

Carpet costs

Before you buy carpet, learn about characteristics and specifics. Knowing the subtle differences and traits of carpet can prove invaluable. Spending more on a carpet for rooms having the most traffic is a wise investment. Research the pluses and minuses, including price, of different carpet fibers.

Cleaning and maintaining carpet

Textured carpet conceals footprints. Loop carpets are more dirt-resistant. Consider how often a carpet must be cleaned and if you have the proper equipment to do so.

Carpet colors

Color sets the tone in a room. Choose a color that reflects the tone you desire. Cool blues and greens give a room a peaceful ambiance. Warm reds and golds provide a cozy feeling to a room. Rooms appear bigger when a light carpet is used. Dark colors, texture, and patterns help to hide dirt. It is wise to ask for color samples to take home to see how they look in a room.

Environment and health concerns of carpet

Adhesives, padding, and volatile organic compounds contribute to air quality, asthma, and allergies. Carpet made from renewable sources or recycled materials may be the best buy for people who suffer from the maladies, or who are environmentally conscious. Green labels are applied to the carpet. They are things those who want to know of a carpet's impact on the environment or their health look for.

All Surface Flooring knows that home is the most defining, comforting, and welcoming place in our lives. For more than 30 years, we have been serving the people of Wildwood, Fenton, Creve Coeur, Chesterfield, and Ballwin and providing carpeting.

We provide quality carpet that offers a lasting and positive effect on your home. All Surface Flooring carpet withstands the test of time meeting budget, performance, and comfort needs that totally enhances the décor of the home it beautifies.
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